How the IPSE Freelancer of the Year Awards can boost your business

May 25, 2017

Buttercrumble discuss how their finalist status improved their confidence



Can you just tell us a bit about you and your business, Buttercrumble?

Buttercrumble is a creative collective formed of ourselves, Chloe and Abigail Baldwin. We produce fun and friendly illustration and graphic design with an ethos of making others smile. We formed in 2012 after initially sharing our work casually online. We discovered there was a market for cheerful visuals and so we decided to team up and develop Buttercrumble. Since then we’ve worked on a range of projects for clients such as the Royal Armouries and Kid O Toys.


Why did you first decide to go freelance? Why does it suit your business model?

We decided to go freelance because we couldn’t find traditional employment which suited the visual style we wanted to create. There are a limited number of design agencies who provide fun graphic design combined with illustration, so we decided to set up on our own and fill this gap in the market. It suits our business model because we can now offer a holistic approach to design and each project is delivered with a personal touch.


Why did you decide to enter the National Freelancer of the Year Awards 2017?

Entering National Freelancer of the Year Awards gave us the opportunity to reflect on our achievements over the past few years. Freelancing is challenging and sometimes isolating, so it’s important to take the time to evaluate how far you’ve come and celebrate this. It was wonderful to do this with the rest of the talented freelancer community.


The IPSE Freelancer of the Year Award finalists 2017

How has being a finalist for the Aspire Award helped your career?

We were honoured to be a finalist for the Aspire Award. This has boosted our confidence and has helped our network grow. Confidence is important whilst freelancing because it allows you to believe in the value you bring to other people’s lives through the service you provide. We know we can continue to grow and flourish whilst learning from any challenges.


Can you tell me about some of the most exciting projects you have worked on?
What would you regard as your biggest achievement?

One of the most exciting projects we worked on was with Leeds Dock and The Royal Armouries. Earlier this year, we designed a giant Snakes & Ladders board which was over 20m2 in size. This was printed onto vinyl and displayed on the plaza outside The Royal Armouries. We’re pleased to share

that it is still being enjoyed by everyone who visits! Our biggest achievement was having the courage to turn away from stable employment in order to take on the freelance lifestyle fulltime. It’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Every day we feel that not only Buttercrumble progresses, but we do too.

What advice would you give to someone considering going freelance?

If you’re considering going freelance, we’d advise that you create a financial plan first. It sounds like a boring task, but it is vital. Money is essential to running a business and paying your bills! By creating a plan, you can see what funds you’ll need and how much you need to make through freelancing. If you set goals each month, you can stay on track and sustain your business.


And finally, what does the future hold for Buttercrumble?

We are currently working on a few branding and packaging projects for inspiring businesses we love. It’s so important to work with people you admire because you’ll enjoy the work you create so much more! We have also been developing workshops to share our branding knowledge in order to help

other freelancers at the beginnings of their journey. We’ll continue to provide people with the information and visual assets they need to succeed.


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