Join the debate at our headline event on National Freelancers Day where a panel of experts will discuss how we can help unlock the potential of independent professionals and the self-employed. Our top panel of experts including high-profile politicians, business leaders and journalists will discuss how we can secure the UK’s future as the world’s most advanced innovation-driven economy for generations to come.

2014 is a hugely exciting time politically and with more and more people choosing this way of working, it’s more important than ever before to ensure self-employment is on the political agenda. Our expert panel will discuss the implications of the rise of self-employment on policy making for the next Government. They will also look at various issues that independent professionals face, including the problem of late payment and how we can support the growing number of women and young people going into freelancing.

Ahead of National Freelancers Day, you can join the debate on Twitter @teamIPSE




Wednesday, 19th November 2014 marks the UK’s sixth National Freelancers Day (NFD) and this year, the future is here. Almost five million people work for themselves in Britain. Across Europe that number is even higher and worldwide, we are tens of millions strong. With more and more people turning to freelancing, the future is well and truly here.

Over the last six years National Freelancers Day has been celebrating the rise of freelancing and cultivating a nurturing environment for freelancers. Join us digitally and in person as we celebrate the highs (and lows) of being your own boss at a range of events across the UK and online. This year our headline event takes place in London, right in the heart of Tech City. Manchester and Edinburgh will also play host to celebrations of their own while here on the official website we will be hosting live streams and interactive discussions throughout the day. This year, we are calling on the self-employed in the UK and beyond to get behind our campaign to create a ‘freelancers utopia’. Sign up now and support our manifesto for change and get in touch with us on Twitter using the hashtag #NFD2014. On National Freelancers Day 2014 the future is here and being independent no longer has to mean being alone.




What we’re calling for:

There are now almost five million self-employed people working in the UK which means 15% of our workforce are now choosing to earn their living in this way.
The choice to become your own boss is a brave one, and our politicians should be supporting those who take control of their own destiny.